Spend more time retrieving fish and less time trying to retrieve your stuck Anchor with the patented Catch ‘n’ Release Anchor Retrieval System.  Specifically designed for recreational vessels, the system is easy to attach and simple to use.  In just seconds the system retrieves your anchor by pulling it out the way it went in.  Not only does this save you time and money (say goodbye to buying replacement Anchors!) but it minimises damage to the fragile Australian reefs and recovers the anchor without polluting our waters.   The Catch ’n’ Release Anchor Retrieval System has been designed, developed and refined over 15 years by Cairns Innovator Peter Powell and the Tropical Innovation Award winning product is proudly manufactured in Australia. 

Why Choose The Catch’n’Release anchor RETRIEVAL system?

Innovator Peter Powell says he has never met an Anchor he couldn’t dislodge with the use of the Catch’n’Release Anchor Retrieval System.
  • Enhances your time on the boat - More time pulling in fish and less time pulling in the Anchor
  • Saves you Money – Bring your Anchor back with you and the boat every time
  • Environmentally Friendly – Reduces drag on the ocean floors and minimises fragile reef damage
  • Easy to use – The Catch ‘n’ Release Anchor Retrieval System has been designed for the every-day boat owner – no special skill set required!

See How It Works To Easily Release Anchors: